About Us

Dr. Ruth Freeman, MD

Internal Medicine

After almost twenty years of practice in large multi-specialty practices, I decided to start a private practice. I did so at a time when it was thought that Primary Care Physicians could no longer maintain insurance based private practices. The cost providing medical care in the primary care setting had overshadowed insurances, thus reducing reimbursements because of the size of the facility. Defeat was not an option.

I was determined to build a practice that would allow me to spend the time I feel is necessary to provide excellent care for my patients. To hear and address their complaints and understand their situations. I was able to follow yet another passion of mine by incorporating "The Wellness Program" and "Well Beyond Pain." I take immense pleasure in helping patients achieve life style changes needed to reduce illness and improve quality of life.

My passion and commitment to making a difference in this community has never been stronger.


Sara Pedersen, DCS

Director of Clinical Services