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Cheri is a Board Certified Clinical Nutritionist.

She has a master’s degree in nutrition and completed her undergraduate studies in psychology. Cheri has also been certified with the ACSM as Personal Trainer and has over 15 years of experience working with clients to achieve their lifestyle and health goals. Cheri is passionate about helping others find wellness in their everyday lives and working with her clients to feel and look their best. When working with Cheri you will receive education, guidance, support and tools to help maintain long-term lifestyle changes that support total body wellness.

Wellness Visit

Learn the foundation of real nutrition.

We will spend 45 minutes discussing the fundamentals of optimal nutrition, types of food to eat, and why it is important for healthy blood sugar, blood pressure, body composition, better digestion, increased energy and more!

Nutrition Tune-up

You feel like your nutrition is mostly on point but want professional guidance on a certain issue.

60-minute Intake

2 (30) minute follow-ups

*Email & Text Support

Customized Nutrition programs

Foundation Program

During these 6 weeks you will learn the foundation of proper nutrition to assist your body in finding healthy balance. We will establish a customized nutritional path with support and professional guidance to further your journey towards wellness.

Week 1: (20) minute phone intake  & (60) minute Initial consultation

Week 3: (30) minute check-in

Week 4: (30) minute check -in

Week 6: (30) minute follow-up

*Email & Text support

Formation Program

During the 9-week program we build upon the nutrition foundation and go live in a grocery store experience to solidify lifelong principals. Food labels, claims, trends, and marketing can be very confusing, we will decipher these and learn what to look for long term as trends and fad diets change. We will spend additional time problem solving life situations involving food choices and work to form a solid relationship with the wellness principles learned.

Week 1: (20) minute phone intake & (60) minute initial consultation

Week 2: (60) min grocery       shopping experience

Week 3: (30) minute check-in

Week 5: (15) minute virtual check-in

Week 7: (30) minute check-in

Week 9: (30) minute follow-up

*Email & Text Support

Customized Nutrition Programs

Intensive Program

The intensive program is for those committed to making serious changes about their health and feeling the best they can. Together we will journey down this road looking into your current food choices and what is stocked in your home. We will work to identify likeable alternatives that are both realistic and satisfying for long term success. Dietary lifestyle change can be one of the hardest we face. During these 12 weeks, we will establish and solidify knowledge  to gain confidence around your new healthy habits.

Week 1: (20) minute phone intake & (60) minute initial consultation.

Week 2: (60) minute pantry sweep

Week 3: (60) min grocery shopping experience

Week 5: (15) minute virtual check-in

Week 6: (30) minute check-in

Week 8: (15) minute virtual check-in

Week 10: (30) minute check-in

Week 12: (30) minute follow-up

*Email & Text support

In her words…

I’ve always had a passion for learning about the human body and how nature, our environment and even our thoughts affect our health and well-being. I started with a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and moved on to complete a Master’s in Nutrition in 2008.  I absolutely love learning about nutrition and biochemistry, so I became Board-Certified as a Clinical Nutritionist and frequently participate in continuing education and scientific symposiums. I started my journey to become a Nutritionist while working as an ACSM Certified Personal Trainer, and now have over 15 years of experience working with clients to achieve their lifestyle and health goals. I am dedicated to helping others find wellness in their everyday lives and provide my clients with education, guidance, support, and the tools to help them maintain ling-term lifestyle changes. I look forward to supporting you though your nutrition and wellness journey. ~Cheri

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