Nutrition Services


Cheri has a master’s degree in nutrition, is board certified as a Clinical Nutritionist, and completed her undergraduate studies in psychology. Cheri has previously been certified with the ACSM as a Personal Trainer and now has over 15 years of experience working with clients to achieve their lifestyle and health goals.

Cheri is passionate about helping her patients to incorporate wellness in their everyday lives and working with her them to feel and look their best.

When working with Cheri you will receive education, guidance, support and tools to help maintain long-term lifestyle changes that support total body wellness. Schedule your appointment today!

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Wellness Visit - 45 minutes


An introductory session focused on learning the foundation of good nutrition. $75


Functional Nutrition Appointment - 75 minutes


An in-depth session to address your specific health concerns and goals. $150


Customized Wellness Programs


For those wanting to dramatically change their life and optimize health. The nutritionist will create a nutrition program for the patient and support them through the process.

All programs begin with a detailed Nutrition Intake Session, from there the nutritionist will create a customized nutrition program specifically for you. This entails a typed protocol with shopping lists, recipes, meal ideas, supplement recommendations and more. After that you will meet to discuss the program and schedule the subsequent visits and shopping trip.

  • Nutrition Tune-up – 4-week program.      $450
  • Foundation Program – 6-week program. $650
  • Formation Program- 10-week program.  $1050
  • Intensive Program – 12 weeks program.  $1295

Functional Testing Services


Prices include a 45-minute Wellness Visit with your Nutritionist to determine the most beneficial test, your test kit with instructions and a 60-minute follow-up with interpretation of the results.

  • NutrEval: Nutrient and toxic element panel. Identifies oxidative stress, energy metabolism, nutrient status and toxic exposure. $405- $675
  • IgG Food Explorer: Food sensitivity testing for over 200 foods. $425
  • GI MAP: Gastrointestinal panel to analyze microbiome, digestive function, inflammation and permeability. $405 -$585
  • Other panels available upon request.