Welcome to Our Clinic

Here at DRF we are committed to both getting you well and keeping you healthy. We have made your quality of life a priority.

Our holistic approach pairs comprehensive disease management with sustainable lifestyle changes. We work diligently with all patient to reduce the incidence of chronic disease through screening and risk factor mitigation. We offer the right tools to optimize management of existing illnesses. We partner with you to recognize and reduce disease complications which can negatively impact your quality of life.

Our Primary Care Gym plays an integral part in our patients’ success. Our gym offers Trainer-run, Physician-supervised Cardio-Fit sessions. The program is designed to improve strength, reduce pain, improve balance and endurance while providing the right amount of cardio to reduce your risk of Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, Strokes and Heart attacks or the complications thereof.

Our trainer, Joel Thomas M.S., M.Ed., is Crossfit certified. Joel’s Masters in Exercise Physiology. His expertise allows us to offer our program a range of patients. Each exercise session can be custom tailored to benefit patients at varying level of fitness and ability. Whether you are already in great shape or you are just beginning your fitness journey, we can take you to the next level and beyond. We welcome patients with injuries and physical limitations. Joel will customize your workout to avoid exacerbating existing injuries. Physical limitations can be overcome with your determination and our skilled trainer.


Opening hours

  • 9:00AM - 5:00PM

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