Welcome to Our Clinic

Here at DRF we are committed to both getting you well and keeping you healthy. We have made your quality of life a priority.

Our holistic approach pairs comprehensive disease management with sustainable lifestyle changes. We work diligently with patients to reduce the impact of chronic diseases through screening and risk factor mitigation. We offer our patients the tools to optimize management of existing illnesses thus reducing disease complications which can negatively impact quality of life.

Our Primary Care Gym plays an integral role in our success. Our gym is manned with highly specialized trainers who are skilled in working with patients of all abilities. We have a beginner package plus Levels I, II and III. Where you begin will be determined after your initial physician assessment.

The program is designed to improve strength, function, balance, endurance, reduce pain while providing enough cardiovascular exercise to reduce blood pressures, blood sugars and the risk of heart attacks and stroke.


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