Our Gym


Good medicine does not stop at comprehensive disease management. Here at DRF we work with you to make staying well a priority. As part of commitment to your health, our clinic gym offers supervised exercise programs to ensure that our patients get the right amount of the right kind of exercise. Not all exercise programs are successful in helping you achieve a more youthful metabolism. In addition, even group sessions can easily be tailored to accommodate those with physical limitations and injuries.

Our wellness program has been carefully designed by our highly specialized trainers and Dr. Ruth Freeman. Each structured session is created to reduce the incidence of Heart Attacks, Stokes, Hypertension and Diabetes in those at risk while improving strength and function . We can also reduce medical complications in those who already suffer from the aforementioned medical conditions.

A physician intake is required for all beginners and those with musculoskeletal injuries.


Triple Down For Life $275-$350


This package is designed for beginners or those starting over after illness, injuries, joint replacement etc. You start with a physician intake. You then have three personal training sessions. The first sessions is a detailed review, of your musculoskeletal system. The findings are reviewed with our in-house physician. You may need to see your doctor we find significant issues that can hinder your progress. We aim to remove every impediment to your success. Brink you resolve for a healthier you. We will do the rest!


The Freestyle Program


The freestyle membership offers a less structured option for group classes. A physician intake is also required if you have injuries or illnesses that might need medical attention during your work out. You buy a package of 6, 12 or 24 group seasons to use as you like. There is no expiration date. This package is ideal for those with unpredictable schedules.

Little Dipper: 6 Group Sessions

Orion’s Belt: 12 Group Sessions

Big Dipper: 24 Group Sessions


Private Personal Training Sessions


These are essential for beginners to the world of exercise and those who had an exercise program but are unable participate due to illness or injury.

Triple Down For Life $275

Private Personal Training Sessions $75