Our Gym


Good medicine does not stop at comprehensive disease management. Here at DRF we work with you to make staying well a priority. As part of commitment to your health, our clinic gym offers supervised exercise programs to ensure that our patients get the right amount of the right kind of exercise. Not all exercise programs are successful in helping you achieve a more youthful metabolism.

We have chosen a low impact method called CardioFit. The benefit of CardioFit is that it offers an efficient and effective way to improve form, function and fitness. In addition, sessions can easily be tailored to accommodate those with physical limitations and injuries.

Our wellness program has been carefully designed by our trainer and Dr. Ruth Freeman. Each structured session is created specifically to reduce the incidence of Heart Attacks, Stokes, Hypertension and Diabetes in those at risk. The wellness program is also designed to reduce medical complications in those who already suffer from Diabetes, Hypertension and/or High Cholesterol.

Call (425) 219-4720 to schedule a complimentary pre-exercise assessment with Dr. Ruth Freeman and receive 2 free classes with our CardioFit trainer.


The Cardiovascular Risk Reduction Program


The Cardiovascular Risk Reduction Program is designed to target and follow improvements in your metabolic state. In addition to you weekly Cardiofit group classes, this program includes an initial Physician Evaluation with assessment of baseline blood pressure, labs for A1c, Lipids, Thyroid hormone levels, Kidney function, Liver tests and testosterone (men only) to establish a baseline and to identify common medical issues that might hinder your progress. We will follow your progress quarterly with a quarterly physician evaluation, blood pressure, an A1c and a lipid profile to assess for reductions in your risk of heart attacks, strokes and diabetes.

Patients are welcome to follow their weights. However, our focus is a reduction in risks factors for heart attacks, strokes, diabetes and hypertension. I want patients to understand that a longer healthier life can be achieved without significant weight loss.




The Freestyle Program


The Freestyle Membership packages offers aa less structured program that lets you purchase blocks of exercise. A physician intake is not needed though is recommended if you have injuries, or illnesses that might need medical attention during your workout. Simply call us to schedule a free medical intake. With this membership program, the more sessions you commit to, the more money you save. For optimal results, we recommend no less than three sessions per week.

Little Dipper: 6 sessions

Orion’s Belt: 12 sessions

Big Dipper: 24 sessions


Private Personal Training Sessions


Private Personal training sessions are available on request. This is the favorite of our seasoned exercise veterans but is also an ideal way for beginners to become familiar with the Cardiofit techniques before diving into group classes.