Our Gym


Good medicine does not stop at comprehensive disease management. Here at DRF we work with you to make staying well a priority. As part of commitment to your health, our clinic gym offers supervised exercise programs to ensure that our patients get the right amount of the right kind of exercise. Not all exercise programs are successful in helping you achieve a more youthful metabolism. In addition, even group sessions can easily be tailored to accommodate those with physical limitations and injuries.

As part of our commitment, our wellness program has been carefully designed by our highly specialized trainers and Dr. Ruth Freeman. Each structured session is created to reduce the incidence of Heart Attacks, Stokes, Hypertension and Diabetes in those at risk while improving strength and function . We can also reduce medical complications in those who already suffer from the aforementioned medical conditions.

A physician intake is required for all beginners and those with musculoskeletal injuries.


Private Training Session

  • Beginner Package: includes a physician pre-exercise evaluation and three private sessions with your Fitness Coach.
    Price is $375 for new patients.
  • Private sessions available for $75 each or you may purchase packages of 6, 12, or 18 sessions for $435, $840 and $1,170 respectively.

Small Group Classes

  • Group Packages are available for 6, 12 and 24 classes to use as you like.
  • Memberships are also available with flexible pricing. You may join classes two or three days a week for $179 and $249 per month respectively.
    You may also attend as many classes as you like with our unlimited membership for $299/month.