Primary Care


Primary Care covers the diagnosis and management of acute and chronic medical illnesses as well screening and disease prevention. Primary care at DRF is provided by our Internist, Dr. Ruth Freeman. Internists have specialized training and experience in adult medicine.

Dr. Freeman’s expertise covers management of common illnesses, both acute and chronic, including rare illnesses. Dr. Freeman is adept at managing patients with complex acute and chronic illnesses and is able to manage multiple illnesses at once. Our clinic applies an integrated approach, emphasizing prevention, optimal disease management and life style changes.
Dr. Freeman’s special interests are in the optimization parameters for high blood pressure and diabetes also in mitigation of risk factors for heart attack and stroke allowing patients to achieve the best possible outcomes. Adding a gym to the primary care practice has been a great factor in her success.

Primary prevention encompasses prevention of disease or injury before they occur. Healthy lifestyle changes including an effective exercise program and a healthy diet are such examples. Vaccinations for certain diseases such as pneumococcal pneumonia and meningococcal meningitis another mode of primary prevention.

Secondary prevention is early detection of disease for the purpose of early intervention and to reduce complications. Most of the screening we do such as mammograms, testicular exams, PAP smears, pelvic exams and colon cancer screening fall under this category.

Tertiary prevention is the optimization of care for patients with existing disease. Good control of blood pressures and blood sugars in patients with hypertension and diabetes are prime examples of tertiary prevention.